Words: Mark Bernstein
Music: Mark Bernstein

 I was born on Old Earth, home planet of Man.
 My mother died soon after my life began.
 When I was but ten father joined Death's Company,
 And that only left my brother and me.
 Now, James, when my father died, was twice my age.
 And, from that moment on, a war he did rage,
 To crush my young spirit and make me agree
 In all ways my brother was better than me.
 He maneuvered my life so whatever I chose
 To try my hand at was certain I'd lose.
 Then he'd say to me, "Brian, I view ye with shame,
 For you're not but a blot on the Kennibuck name!"
 For while James' fortunes rose; for he always did well;
 I, with his help, built a small private hell.
 'Till, in one final effort to prove his taunts lies,
 I fled to the starlanes and joined the Dorsai.
 I rose through the ranks; a Force Leader became.
 I dreamt of great victories, glory and fame.
 I wrote this to James; for approval I yearned;
 But never one word did he send in return.
 Then, at last, on my twenty-third birthday it came.
 A final assault on what worth that I'd claimed.
 A card saying courage I always would lack,
 And a tube of bright yellow to stripe down my back.
 This could not go unchallenged. I took my force out
 Toward the enemy camp in the hope of a rout.
 We went too far; were spotted ... Their numbers were high,
 And because of me, 32 soldiers did die.
 So I sit in my cell and at dawn I'll be shot.
 But though fool I may be, coward I'm not!
 And I cannot die now... I need time; can't you see?
 To show my dear brother I'm better than he! 

Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars [www.di.org]