Words: "Irving Quiznowski"
Music: "The Gypsy Rover" (trad.)

 He kissed and strayed at Foralie,
 In a one night stand gone awry.
 Now it's join a team to run and flee;
 For he's got to leave Dorsai.
 	Tarbird, he will miss your song;
 	Sung so proud and free.
 	But, once she learns he did her wrong,
        His end, it's sure to be.
 The battle was close to done, at last,
 And he had no place else left to roam
 So he stood right up and took a blast.
 'Twas easier than goin' home.
 Dorsai live, and Dorsai Die,
 Far away from home.
 The battles hiss beats the harpy's cry
 Of a Dorsai wife at home.

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