Words: "Zilch"
Music: "The Gypsy Rover" (trad.)

 He wooed and wed her on Foralie
 In the whirlwind love of the young
 And he took her home, to his rooftree,
 To hear the Tarbird's song.
 Tarbird, call my love back home;
 Call him back to me.
 There is no man to fill my heart.
 There's no other man for me.
 He heard her not, for he had died
 With a Friendly dart through his lung;
 And, when she was told, the Tarbird sang
 From the rooftree where she hung.
 Dorsai live and Dorsai die
 Far away from home.
 And their loved ones cry and curse the sky;
 For a Dorsai soul must roam.

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