Words: Murray Porath
Music: Murray Porath

  When the legends are told of the brave and the bold
  And their praises are sung to the sky,
  They tell one with a twist, of a true pacifist,
  Who was also a son of Dorsai.
  No wea-pons bore he, for with grim certainty
  He had known that that wasn't his way.
  Yet, he won a war when he marched to the fore,
  And he mockingly started to play- ay- ay- ayyyyyy
  Chorus: Su Madre! Su Ma-dre! (3) Su Ma - a - a - dre... Su Ma-dre!
  What is the cost to be Dorsai and lost
  From traditions to which you were bred?
  Where do you start when the words of your heart
  Must conflict with the words of your head?
  Michael De Sandoval, while around all did fall
  Found this meaning to "What is Dorsai?"
  Though it may be your will that you never will kill,
  There are some things for which you will die!
  What kind of god can attack when the odds,
  Are against him a thousand to one?
  Whence comes the might to attack but not fight
  Once the death and destruction's begun?
  Michael piped with each breath and awaited his death
  As he marched strong and proud to his foes.
  And in courting his end he had rescued his friends
  And his leto de muerte still grows!

Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars []