Words: Mark Osier
Music: "Song For Ireland" (trad.)

Walking all the day
Near tall trees where tarbirds build their nests.
Golden-voiced they sing;
They know the call of freedom in their breasts.
As though proclaiming loud and clear
The Graemes of Dorsai live and love right here.

	Living in our ancient home,
	I dreamed of days when nevermore I'd roam,
	And I stood beneath your broad roof tree,
	And I sang a song for Foralie

Sitting in the rain
On far worlds as battle draws nigh.
Credits bring us here;
Our world is poor and so we bleed and die.
Mothers dry your teary eyes,
This price we'll gladly pay for dear Dorsai


Dreaming in the night
I saw a world where no-one had to fight.
Waking in the dawn;
I kissed my lover in the morning light.
We stood and watched the children play
'Till transports came to carry me away.

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