Words: Margaret Middleton & Michelle Cox
Music: "Remember the Alamo" by Jane Bowers

  A handful of Dorsai seemed bound under contract to die.
  For a stubborn old man who insisted for glory to try.
  The army had left in rebellion,
  'Gainst Conde and Crown for their pain.
  And only five Dorsai, El Conde, and the bandsmen remain;
  Hi------up! And William maneuvers his men on the field
  To force the Dorsai to yield
  That their strength he might wield.
  Now Michael had sworn that he'd take up no weapons of war.
  Not to save his own life would he force his conscience that far;
  And yet he was Dorsai: a man bred to soldiering all of his life.
  And the music he made with one bagpipe could cut like a knife!
  Hi-----up! "Su Madre" rings boldly back from the sky
  As the pipes so tauntingly cry:
  "Do you dare kill a Dorsai?"
  So Michael set out with the gaeta gallega alone.
  And flung in the face of the foeman the pipe's moking tones.
  The army broke ranks: some to fire
  And some to avenge their brave friend.
  The battle was finished: the danger to Dorsai at end...
  Hi-----up! "Su Madre" still echoes back from the skies
  'Round the leto de muerte where lies:
  (spoken) Michael Sandoval: Shai Dorsai!

Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars []