Words: Tracy Holland
Music: Tracy Holland

 As I wandered out of the years gone by,
 While men have fought their wars;
 I long to be with those Dorsai
 Who've gone into battle and died.
        For I was born with Dorsai blood.
        Our men are trained to fight.
        But I, a lonely woman,
        Sleep home, alone at night.
 Our men are trained, from birth, in ways
 Of combat strategy.
 Their thirst for valor and renown
 Is also part of me.
 And I find myself, as the days fly past,
 Like a hawk tied by her jess;
 Straining to find the air 'neath her wings,
 And up to the sky she'll press.
 I'm tired of watching those men go to die.
 I'm trapped here at my home
 Without hope of becoming more
 Than a fury unable to roam.
 And why am I the one who's assigned
 To stay behind when they leave?
 To mind a hearth while they win renown;
 No duty, except to grieve.
        For I was born with Dorsai blood
        And we are bred to fight.
        So why should I, a fighting soul,
        Accept this accursed plight?
 But, am I not a true Dorsai?
 I have the right to say
 If I will live or if I die.
 Mine is the warrior's way.
 My bed is not eiderdown,
 But my man sleeps at my side.
 We fight to earn our right to live.
 I, too, have the Dorsai pride.
 With bullets for his lullaby,
 My son sleeps in my arms.
 And restless, wakes at night, to add
 His cries to the night's alarms.
 Oh, Dorsai, you've taken my brother from me.
 Father died on Harmony.
 My lover breathes your name ~ not mine! ~ with his last.
 Be damned, if you'll not take me!
        For I was born with Dorsai blood
        And we are trained to fight.
        And I, a Dorsai woman,
        Will not sleep alone at night.
        For I was born with Dorsai blood,
        And we, like hawks, must roam.
        This shield maid hears the cry at last.
        This shield maid will leave her home.

Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars [www.di.org]