Words: Marty Burke
Music: "Sound the Pibrocht"

 Sound the planetfall loud and high,
 From Rigel Four to Earth's own sky.
 Let every man his slogan cry,
 To rise and strike for Dorsai.
     Ha cheen foam foam foam. *
     Ha cheen foam foam foam.
     Ha cheen foam foam foam.
     Rise and strike for Dorsai.
 See that small broken land.
 On Deneb Three, they made their stand
 And bravely fought, with heart and hand,
 To die for Dorsai Glory.
 On all the starlit worlds of war
 Amid the cries and lasered gore;
 Did bravely fight, but can't do more;
 That died for Dorsai Glory.
 No more we'll see such deeds again,
 But men like you can lend your hand.
 Pick up that weapon and learn again
 And strike for Dorsai Glory.
 * Actually "Tha Tighin Fodham fodham fodham" which means "It comes upon
 me" or "I have the wish"

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