Words: Kathy Mar
Music: Kathy Mar

 I am a Dorsai and I've learned a grisly skill.
 They've taught me how to win a war; 10,000 ways to kill;
 And all the vicious weapons to be used each time I fight.
 Now I've become a weapon of such fearsome might.
     I am no soldier, I'm a man of war.
     I am no soldier, I'm a man of war.
 My code is my life and my duty is my soul.
 The filling of my contract is my only kind of goal.
 I go where they tell me and I fight the ones they say
 And none of us would think to ever run away.
 We fight and we march to the mercenaries' drum
 And many wars are ended by the rumor that we've come.
 We take to the field and the enemy all flies.
 I've seen them run in terror from the look in my eyes.
 We land on some planet and we fight until we fall,
 Or 'till the war is ended and we hear them sound recall.
 They say we are bloodless; that we're nothing but machines;
 But still they beg to hire us when they have the means.
 The years count up in kills and the battles still go on
 And none of us believe that we will see a peaceful dawn;
 And it's aeons of victory to minutes of defeat,
 But I'm waiting for the day that you will make us obsolete.
 I'm praying for the day when you will make us obsolete.  

Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars []