Words: Allison Durno
Music: Allison Durno

 Chorus: I want to be like the Dorsai, though I am not Dorsai bred,
         Want to raise a glass of Tully to brave heros both living and dead,
         Want to shout out "Arrggghh!", reach for the stars,
         Be inspired by courage and might,
         I want to be like the Dorsai, if only for tonight.
 Well, I've never read Gordie Dickson, though I admit I've tried once or twice,
 And my songs aren't known to be rowdy, got a rep that's all sugar and spice,
 Don't know much of death and destruction, write of unicorns and kings,
 But there's part of my soul that's rebellious and a spirit that needs to sing.
 Now, my tastes run more towards Tolkien, noble deeds and flowery speech,
 Than to blood and war and soldiers heading once more into the breach,
 But those Dorsai know how to party and they know how to belt out a tune,
 So, perhaps I'm more like the Dorsai than most others might assume.
 Perhaps someday I'll read Dorsai and I'll know what their songs all mean,
 Perhaps I'll give up sappy songs for a warrior's lusty scream,
 Perhaps I'll develop a thirst for BLOOD, though it seems unlikely at best,
 But until that time I'll just go along and shout out with the rest,
 Chorus: (twice)
 Ending: Yes, I want to be like the Dorsai, if only for tonight.

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