Words: Bob Asprin
Music: "Temperance Union Song"

 We're coming, we're coming, disruptors in hand.
 Wherever we want to, we do take our stand.
 We always use weapons to back up our grins.
 If our smiles aren't welcome, we'll shoot our way in.
 Chorus: For we, for we are the K. D. C.;
         Our smiles display our diplomacy;
         Assigned to stop the galactic fuss,
         But the tactics are left up to us.
 The Emperor says that we should promote peace;
 That things would be better if fighting would cease.
 We all back his program, 'cause we know he's right,
 But we've got our own methods for stopping a fight.

 So now through the starlanes our transports will fly,
 As long as we're welcome, we don't need supplies.
 But all of that empty room won't go to waste,
 'Cause with four times the weapons, we need lots of space.


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