Words: Michael Rubin
Music: "Roddy McCorley"

 They talk a lot of brotherhood;
 The faith of fighting men,
 And how it was a crime to lose
 Their Colonel Jacques Chrétien.
 Well, there was a war on at the time
 And war's a bit unfair.
 And this is how it really was,
 'Cause, no shit, I was there!
 The Ninety-Seventh Infantry
 Was stuck in Rochmont town
 Surrounded by some Helmuth scum,
 Who we could not pin down.
 We hated all their Helmuth guts,
 But war's no reason why
 They'd shut us in for winter with
 A shipload of Dorsai.
 Now, the fancy lords of Rochmont
 Kept the Dorsai in their pay,
 And thought, perhaps, those boys should do
 Some work to earn their pay.
 Their soldiers sallied bravely forth,
 Outnumbered ten to one;
 Came back with zero casualties
 And said the job was done.
 Why would that big expensive Helmuth
 Army turn and run?
 It's not as if they'd never seen
 A Dorsai with a gun.
 The merest thought of bribery
 Occurred to just a few.
 Although it might be heresy,
 You can't beat two plus two.
 Suspicion fell on Colonel Jacques Chrétien,
 Who drank champagne by quarts.
 A wad of Helmuth money was
 Discovered in his shorts.
 He wouldn't tell a court of law
 Where all the rest was hid,
 So he got hanged and some big brass
 On Dorsai flipped their lid.
 Bright, bright the sun that morning rose
 Upon a Helmuth plain,
 And when the sun set in the west
 No street nor roof remained.
 The cattle raped, the women burned,
 'Twas not a pretty sight,
 The Ninety-Seventh had of course,
 Left town the previous night.
 No more is there a Rochmont town,
 Because of Dorsai's vow.
 It serves them right. They didn't pay
 Their taxes, anyhow.
 They sing a lot of brotherhood;
 The faith of fighting men,
 But take a nice big grain of salt
 For "Colonel Jacques Chrétien"!

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