Words: Clif Flynt
Music: "Frankie and Johnnie"

 Ian and Kensie were Dorsai. Lordy, oh how they could fight.
 They swore they would win lots of battles,
 Just as long as the price was right.
 They were Dorsai, so it was strictly cash.
 Kensie bought Ian a pistol. Ian though this was just grand,
 It fired a nuclear warhead, and he could hold it right in his hand.
 He thought it was cute. That's just the way he was.
 Early next day after battle, Ian tried out his new gun.
 Blew away half of a continent, and he only had it set on stun.
 He said "It's all right.". He used to sleep with it at night.
 When Kensie was killed by a sniper, Ian was mad as could be;
 Set his new pistol on "Mayhem", then he really went on a spree.
 Kensie was buried next day, in Ian's best new beret.
 Now Kensie and Ian are long gone. We sing of days long gone by.
 But Outworlder heed now and listen; who murders Dorsai shall die!
 They're regular folk, but they just can't take a joke!

Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars [www.di.org]