Words: Everyone in the ConSuite at Thing 3 at 6:00am
Music: Teddy Bear's Picnic.

  If you go out in Toronto today, you'd better not go alone.
  Do not go out in Toronto today, it's safer to stay at home!
  The least excuse that ever there was,
  Today will draw a challenge because,
  From drink last night, the Dorsai are quite hung-over!
  Hungover Irregulars: You must beware of them,
  They're certainly not themselves today (or maybe they are)
  If you see them, you better run,
  'Cause you'll get killed if you get in their way.
  They are in a cloud of gloom,
  So give them lots of room, and better not come to ne-e-ar;
  You gentle folk who value your lives,
  Better stay at home today;
  The Dorsai are hung-over out - to - here!
  So, if you go out in Toronto today, you'd better be praying hard.
  There's lots of pleasanter ways to die than be killed by a Dorsai guard!
  If you pretend our black-beret'd friends
  Are not a threat you'll come to your end,
  The Dorsai are quite prepared for a fight,
  They'd like to pound you into the ground
  From Tully last night, the Dorsai are quite..
  Hung - o - ver.

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