Words: Robert Asprin (Quote from "Soldier Ask Not" by Gordon R. Dickson)
Music: "Blow Ye Winds"

 Well, come gather round ye men of faith, of Harmony and sign,
 This contract form; we need a force to challenge the Dorsai.

 (SING) The Dorsai can be beaten on any given day,
 And for all you know today could be the day.
 You hear how they're all supermen; they'll fight you to the last.
 But we have lots of men and they can only shoot so fast.

 (SING) The Dorsai can be beaten on any given day
 Yes, they can, if you don't mind the price you'll pay.
 So come around ye men, ye boys, come form a line and sign,
 Just step right up, who'll be the first ........................
 Who'll be the first?
 Let me remind you one and all, if volunteers are lean,
 You all are on tight contracts, and you know what that means.
 Soldier, ask not ~ now, or ever,
 Where to war your banners go.
 Anarch's legions all surround us.
 Strike ~ and do not count the blow!
 Glory, honor, praise and profit,
 Are but toys of tinsel worth.
 Render up your work, unasking,
 Leave the human clay to earth.
 Blood and sorrow, pain unending,
 Are the portion of us all.
 Grasp the naked sword, opposing,
 Gladly in the battle fall.
 So shall we, anointed soldiers,
 Stand at last before the Throne,
 Baptized in our wounds, red-flowing,
 Sealed unto our Lord ~ alone!

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