Words: Harold Groot
Music: "Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill" (trad.)

 Early one morning, 'bout five o'clock
 There were twenty Dorsai climbing on the rock.
 The sergeant watched them in their climb,
 And said, "Once again, now, in half the time!"
 CHORUS: And drill, ye Dorsai, drill.
         Drill, ye Dorsai, drill.
         For the skills you learn
         Will save your neck in turn
         And help your Dorsal pay to earn,
         So drill, ye Dorsai, drill and load and fire!
 Next morning in the swamp at six
 They were improvising things with sticks.
 The sergeant taught them what to do,
 And he said to them when he got through, Now...

 At dawn they heard the sergeant say
 "We'll march a hundred miles this day".
 Exhausted men fell into bed,
 But an hour later the sergeant said, Now...


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