Words: Mark Bernstein
Music: "Irish Rover"

 Many worlds were at peace, and the contracts were few,
 In the swamp we were feeling quite bored.
 So we built us a ship, and we formed us a crew,
 Just to see what fun space could afford.
 On her bridge was a bar, she could quickly range far,
 So fast were the engines that drove her.
 She was weaponed fore and aft,
 She was our kind o' craft,
 And we called her the Dorsai Rover.
 We had one million blasters, all beautifully made,
 There were some that could fit in your palm.
 There were two million knives and three million grenades,
 Saying "Hi! I'm a thirty second bomb!" (29, 28, ...)
 There were four million missiles that struck with a force,
 Much like that of a very small nova.
 And five million cases of Tully, of course!
 In the hold of the Dorsai Rover.
 Well the crew once got drunk, (Once?) and a fight it broke out,
 Over whose aim with blaster was best.
 And it raged on for hours 'til someone did shout:
 "Well, then let's go below and we'll test."
 A shot strayed ~ worse luck,
 The cargo it struck.
 In a moment it all was over.
 Now they're all gone you see, 'cept the Tully an' me,
 We're the last of the Dorsai Rover.

Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars []