Words: "Lester J. Esterhazy"
Music: "Rosin the Beau"

 Well, one time ago we were nothing.
 We were herders and tamers of yak.
 And it's still the same out here on Dorsai,
 Looking after the old Mongol pack.
 	On Neuland they say that we're doctors,
 	Accountants and janitors, too.
 	But on Dorsai we're called craven cowards,
 	A peace loving, floor scrubbing crew.
 We never did care much for fighting.
 Pitched battle is not for our crew.
 Just get a bomb under their spaceships and
 The enemy can't get to you.
 Well, you shouldn't go drunk into battle;
 A rule that's undoubtedly true.
 Have you ever seen an Irregular
 Hungover from Tullamore Dew.
 Well, one time tourists of Descartes
 Touched down and moved into our swamp.
 We told them it was sublet developments,
 And sold them the whole bloomin' lot.
 	On Neuland they say that we're cowards,
 	Accountants and janitors, too,
 	But we're rich now so we're leaving Dorsai.
 	We're a swamp-selling, fly-by-night crew.


Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars []