Words: Clif Flynt

 Well let me tell you of a story,
 That's not been told before.
 'Bout the only time a Dorsai
 Was laid out on the floor.
 Now he thought it was an empty room,
 But five did lie in wait.
 And there the mighty Dorsai,
 Did meet his awesome fate.
 He grabbed the first with hairy hand,
 And reached up to its head.
 He raised it to his mammoth jaw,
 And soon the first was dead.
 The second fell, and then the third,
 But still the Dorsai stood.
 But all knew they could bring him down,
 If any being could.
 Now when he reached out for the fourth,
 His hand began to shake.
 For though he knew just one was left,
 'Twas more than he could take.
 He killed the fourth and reached again,
 He knew that he was through,
 Then the mighty Dorsai was laid low,
 By the Fifth of Tullamore Dew.

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