Words: Shelby Bush III
Music: "Rainbow Connection" by Kenny Aschel and Paul Williams

 Why are there so many songs about Dorsai?
 Do Dorsai have that much to say?
 I know they are fighters, hard drinking, all-nighters,
 Can they have that much to say?
 What's so astounding, that songs keep resounding,
 There's new Dorsai songs every week!
 Someday, I'll find it - The Dorsai connection,
 'Tween filk songs, the singers, and me!
 Have you been at a con and have you heard singing?
 I've heard them singing strange things.
 I've heard songs of brothers, of far wars and others,
 Of rooftrees and tarbirds that sing.
 I've seen Bob Asprin cringe at us askin',
 For him to sing "Brothers" again.
 But someday I'll find it, the Dorsai connection,
 'Tween filk songs, Bob Asprin.. and Pain!
 I've seen the Dorsai at many conventions,
 I know they're a tightly-knit crew.
 They're always in action'. Chase women, (and catch 'em!)
 And drinkin' their Tullamore Dew!
 Can ordinary men be mercenaries?
 A Dorsai's what I want to be!
 And someday I'll find it, the Dorsai connection,
 'Tween Asprin, and Dickson, and me!

Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars []