Words: Clif Flynt and Gail Hormats
Music: Clif Flynt

 On the capital of Dorsai, there stands a plot of land.
 It's just a building and a grove of trees.
 "The Dorsai Training Corps" is the title on the door,
 But we just call it the Academy.
 The students study Cletus there; his writings and his life; 
 About his famous "Tactics of Mistake";
 Until their senior year when they're issued fighting gear
 And assigned a force to see what they can take.
        And it's hie cadet! Hey cadet!
        Listen to what I say now, cadet!
        Listen or I'll leave you to your fate.
        Hie cadet, hey now, don't get in my way now,
        Or you won't survive to graduate!
 A cadet thinks he knows it all when he first comes on board.
 He thinks that he's as ready as can be,
 Until he meets a few of a seasoned Dorsai crew.
 Then he finds out why there's different shades of green.

 We agree that hazing is a tactic of the past.
 No one should be degraded or disgraced.
 It's only that we care that we teach them to beware;
 That the careless are the first to die in space.


Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars []