Words: Frieda Murray
Music: "The Church's One Foundation"

 The Dorsai's one Foundation
 Is superman of war,
 John Hawkewood's new creation,
 A thousand years mature.
 Yet still they're born of women,
 Begotten, aye, not made,
 And angry Dorsai women
 Can mar the best plans made.
 In Cletus' famous tactics
 There is one great mistake:
 The "for-men-only" practice,
 That put us on a brake.
 We won't be bound by Graemes, nor
 The norms of days gone by,
 We'll have the right of Choice, for
 We can destroy Dorsai.
 If not one woman carries,
 A child of Dorsai kin.
 There'll be no mercenaries,
 To fight the wars of men.
 It's Dorsai's Armageddon,
 The galaxy's as well:
 But meet our ultimatum,
 Or go direct to Hell.
 Together, my sisters, we'll show them a sign:
 United we'll always be free!
 The morning will come when Dorsai is mine!
 Tomorrow belongs to me!

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