Words: Tom Barber
Music: "Cover Of The Rolling Stone" by Shel Silverstein

Well, we're big con swingers.
We've been called filk singers
and we're loved everywhere we go.
We sing about duty
and we sing about war
and we really put on a show.

We don't need any pills
to give us thrills,
for the best thrill you've ever seen
is when you're in the midst
of a bunch of misfits
all a'standing there in Dorsai green.


Dorsai green ... it's the end of all our troubles.
Dorsai green, driking Tully by the doubles.
Dorsai green, you'll see us all in smiles,
a'standing there in Dorsai green.

We've got T-shirts, Song books and Teddy Bears to sell as souvenirs
and if your downright pretty, we'll even give you Dorsai leers.
There's some kids writing letters,
cutting down their betters,
but they're just being mean.
'Cause they just can't hack it 
in our little racket
of standing there in Dorsai green.


We've got all sorts of little blue-eyed groupies who do anything we say.
We've got a genuine great Gordfather, a teachin' us a better way.
This symbol on our bellies,
is a gift of Kelly's
and as art it's really keen.
Our work's never done, but we sure have fun,
a'standing there in Dorsai green.



Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars []