Words: Mercedes Lackey
Music: "Shu-La-Ru" as sung by Peter, Paul and Mary

  When you're Dorsai born and bred, you know that war keeps Dorsai fed,
  But more than this, your heart and head are made to go for a soldier.
  I was born upon Dorsai, and that geas I'd not deny,
  But crippled from my birth was I, and no damn use as a soldier.
  Chorus: Shu, shu, shu-la-ru; Gods-above, what can I do?
          Helpless, useless, through and through,
          A stone 'round the neck of the Dorsai.
  I watched my playmates, one by one, go to take the sword and gun,
  How I longed to rise and run and take my place as a soldier!
  Dorsai died, Dorsai bled, to buy for me my daily bread
  And not once had anyone said: "You're no use to our soldiers."
  Dow DeCastries, hard and cold, planned to take our hearth and hold,
  With no one there but the kids and old, to break the back of the Dorsai.
  But young and old defense would dare; once again how could I share?
  Run them down with my wheelchair? -- I'm no damn use as a soldier.
  Amanda Morgan came to me; said that I could stay or flee,
  Told me of the ruse she planned to for the Dorsai.
  "You should leave", she said, but I told her she could not deny
  The only chance I had to try to pay my way like a soldier.
  Chorus: Shu, shu, shu-la-ru; brothers, sisters; strong and true
          Remember me when this is through,
          That I paid my debt to the Dorsai.

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