Words: Margaret Middleton
Music: "Amanda" by Waylon Jennings, Music: "Handsome Winsome Johnny" trad.

  I've tried to forget her, you know I've tried,
  For there was another, more worthy than I:
  My other-half brother, bright Kensie she'd see...
  If one was to win her, t'would surely be he.
  Chorus: Amanda, Light of our life,
          Fate should have made you the cavalier's wife,
          Fate should have made you the cavalier's wife.
  So I turned to another, made Leah my bride,
  And our sons, they stand tall as they walk by her side
  To the grave 'neath the rooftrees where Kensie must sleep,
  And I look for Amanda: does she know? does she weep?
  I know where I'm going, and I know who's going with me;
  I know who I love, and the Lord knows who I'll marry.
  I'll have dresses of silk; and shoes of bright green leather;
  Combs to buckle my hair, and a ring for every finger.
  Leather shows are fine, and silken dresses are bonny,
  But I would trade them all for my handsome, winsome Johnny.
  Some may say he's dour, but I say he's bonny;
  Fairest of the fair is my handsome, winsome, Johnny.

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