Words: Tom Barber
Music: "We Are The Champions" by Freddie Mercury

This con, it was rough --
Too much duty per shift.
The crowds, they were tough.
All the guards got short shrift.

There was no good way
To lock the back door.
Bag check went off okay,
But with hassles galore


We are the Dorsai, my friend
And we'll keep on plugging to the end.
We are the Dorsai.
We are the Dorsai.
Not there to give up, for
We are the Dorsai,
Do or die.

The auction of two hours
will last more like four.
We'll ignore the guests' glowers
As we guard them some more.

Without any tact,
We were asked to do shows.
It was not in the contract,
But a con job just grows.


We have driven through snow
Piled too high to see.
We keep on the go
And we don't work for free.

Of working conventions,
I've done my share.
An ounce of prevention
And you haven't a care.


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