Words: Robert Asprin, "Zilch"
Music: "Sisters"

  Brothers, brothers, there were never such devoted brothers
  [A] I wouldn't hire a bodyguard . . . No way
  [B] I'me here to see that he behaves!
  Bearing, sharing, every single contract we are caring
  The commandant said that we were on half-pay
  [A] So I fought the battle . . .
  [B] . . . And I got paid!
  All through the story, so bloody and gory,
  We fight till the battle is won.
  Two different faces, but in tight places,
  [A] We're there with a knife . . .
  [B] . . . Or a gun!
  Those who've seen us,
  Know that not a thing could come between us.
  Lots of folks have tried to split us up
  But there's no way . . .
  Lord help the mother,
  Who comes between me and my brother.
  And lord help the brother
  Who comes between me and my pay!

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