Words: Shelley Rabinovitch
Music: "Mary O'Meara"

  My Love was cut down, 'neath a far star, in battle.
  St. Marie still rues that foul day!
  A cowardly shot stopped his order-spawned wand'ring,
  His blood soaked the ground where he lay;
  A Dorsai was murdered that day.
  My tearful good-byes as you boarded that starship
  Drowned out the "Godspeed's" in the air.
  I knew in my heart on that morn that we parted,
  Your fate would lie somewhere out there.
  My Love, did you know that I care?
  No brave words can lessen my sorrowful mourning.
  My face still burns from my hot tears.
  I bid you adieu, Love, no more for to touch you.
  I'll mourn for you seven long years,
  And throw a red rose on your bier.

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