Words: Shelby Bush III
Music: "Reminder" by Juanita Coulson

 The Dorsai were invented in the middle nineteen-fifties,
 By the writer Gordy Dickson, living in Obscurity.
        (A small town near Minneapolis)
 But a Mongol man named Asprin who was hanging out with Gordy,
 Got an Idea, and the rest is history.
 The Dorsai are a band of mercenary soldiers fighting,
 Mostly with the moral fiber of the mundane middle class.
 And they do spend their hours drinking, leching, drinking, singing, drinking,
 And pursuing and elusive piece of ass.
 The Dorsai soon discovered, after several conventions,
 Fandom's even more exciting when you stand behind a gun.
 The Dorsai became the Klingons and invaded Star Trek fandom,
 Intimidating Trekkies sure is fun.
 You can hear the Dorsai marching and their boots steadily drumming,
 And their chanting voices calling cadence from a block away.
 You could see them in their dress greens, parading through a mob scene,
 But for God's sake, don't you get in their way.
 And the Dorsai men are famous for their way with neo femmefans,
 And their lines they use at parties to lure them up to their rooms.
        (Have some Madeira, M'Dear)
 So remember, neo femmefen, if you let a Dorsai catch you,
 There are none here who can save you from your doom.


Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars []