Words: Clif Flynt and Gail Hormats
Music: "The Academy" by Clif Flynt

 Oh, Irregular training is far from the worst,
 But you gotta be fast if you want to be first.
 My thoughts had been mean since I started to nurse,
 But I thought it was time for some schooling.
 Chorus:  The Academy, The Academy,
          Oh it never did seem all that bad to me.
          You get into a mess and you land on your feet,
          You get out of it fast and get out of it neat.
 The Academy say that they teach dirty tricks,
 I was out in one year - not the usual six.
 They never suspected their brain could be fixed,
 But I'd had enough of their schooling.

 Computers are simple and easy to please,
 Especially the ones that just hand out degrees.
 Got rank and got back to my swamp and my trees,
 And that was the end of my schooling.



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