Words: Mark Bernstein
Music: "Rosin the Beau"

 Now some people think we're still pirates.
 We're outlaws who do as we please.
 But the project at work's due tomorrow
 And the kid's got a brand new disease.
 Chorus:  When I raise my beret, hairs go with it.
          When I raise my glass, calories cling.
          But the years melt away, and the real world fades
          Whenever we gather to sing.
 Some say we dress like storm troopers.
 We intimidate just with our clothes.
 But what's the use of wearing jackboots
 When you can't even look at your toes.
 The Dorsai are known for their fighting.
 The Mongols for lands that they took.
 But who can fight when there's barely time
 To sit and read Gordy's new book.
 Now a new generation is coming
 With new voices, new songs to be sung.
 When we see them we turn to each other and say,
 "My God, were we ever that young?"
          When I raise my beret, hairs go with it
          And my back tends to pop when it bends.
          But my youth spent has bought things that are far more dear,
          To Grand Mem'ries, Great Songs, Present Friends.

Material copyrighted © to the author - Brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars []