Room Patrol
Our most requested service. Art Show, Dealer's Room, Special Display Areas. Combining Access Control with sharp eyes. Making sure the items in the room remain in the room and unwanted items remain out. Also Bag Check, room clearing at closing and even overnight security.

Crowd Control
This can be anything from door guard duty to helping 5000 fans find their seats at the Masquerade in a friendly and orderly fashion.

Guest Escort
Special Guests require special handling. We get your special people to and from their events ontime, and smoothly. Stage Appearances, Panels and Autograph sessions all present special concerns that we're ready to handle for you. We know how to keep the events happy and enjoyable for fan and guest alike.

For specialty conventions proper attire can be arranged. For example, our earliest contracts employed us as "The Klingon Diplomatic Corp", Original Series "Star Trek" Klingons with a softer touch.

We are proud to count some of fandom's finest auctioneers in our Crew. Midwest style, highly entertaining, money-maker auctions. Point us at a room, hand us something to sell and stand back and enjoy. All aspects of formal (Tuxedoed Dandies) to whimsical (Sneering Pirates) auctions can be arranged.

New at putting on a convention or just short-staffed? Our members have worked a multitude of cons in virtually every staff position and stand ready to advise or assist you. No convention is too big or too small to call on the Dorsai Irregulars.


Our terms are flexible!

Our "Usual" deal is that all the expenses to get our crew to, from and through your convention are covered. (i.e. memberships, gas money - maybe food, rooms etc.)

We are willing to work out a deal in keeping with your convention's resources.


A Dorsai Irregular Contract gets you experienced, competent and reliable people for your convention. We organize ourselves, assign our own shifts, schedule personnel appropriate to the duty station and we're there, on time, everytime, throughout the con.

Have no fears of "overbearing Stormtroopers" enraging your confolk. Uniforms and attitudes went out with the Seventies. We don't carry weapons (okay, maybe the occasional water gun and maybe some candy whips, but that's it!), we don't wear jackboots (okay, my mother does, but that's it! Really!) and we don't manhandle fen.

Our berets, belt buckles and shirts, (bearing a distinctive logo designed for us by Kelly Freas), are intended to enhance our visibility and foster a sense of teamwork and fellowship. Irregulars are longtime, well-known fans recruited for their ability to work well together and cope flexibly with the individuality that characterizes fandom.

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